Frequently Asked Questions

How will foot training exercises end my foot/leg pain?

Foot training exercises will stop the pain and cumulative damage cycle caused by loading cold foot/leg muscles with the first step out of bed in the morning because you perform the exercises in your bed.

They address the cause of the pain by strengthening the typically weak extensor muscles and relaxing the tight flexor muscles.

The exercises are performed in a safe non-weight bearing position and the 3 types of exercises allow you to progress at your own pace.

They isolate muscles that are typically neglected.

What are your professional credentials and relevant experience with foot and leg conditions, and rehabilitation?

These foot training exercises were developed by Mike Wilmot, President of Maxhealth Ltd, Natural Health Practioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Applied Kinesiologist.

For the past 6 years Mr. Wilmot has focused his practice working with survivors of acquired brain injury.

“I have worked on and tested muscle strength on thousands of feet and have found 99% of people with foot/leg pain have weak extensor muscles and short/tight flexor muscles.

I developed the foot training exercises because I had chronic plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, a chronic ankle injury and hip pain that did not respond to the traditional treatments. I believe many of the traditional foot and leg rehabilitation exercises are ineffective because they are typically physiologically incorrect, incomplete, and often inappropriate for the stage of injury.”

We purchased this website from Mike Wilmot, and have maintained the information present on the site.

Plantar Fasciitis is ligament inflammation disorder so why bother exercising foot muscles?

Inflammation and pain are symptoms. We believe it is more effective to address the root cause and the contributory factors. The plantar fascia is one of 6 connective tissues that attach to the heel bone. Any or all of the other 5 may be involved. The ends of foot muscles join tendons which attach to bones. Muscles have the ability to regenerate so if you improve them you can improve their function.

Will foot training exercises help stop the pain I feel every morning when I get out of bed?

Yes, because we recommend performing foot training exercises right in your bed before you load cold foot and lower leg muscles. Pain with the first step out of bed in the morning is a very common symptom. When you are inactive for long periods of time the circulation in your feet and lower legs is low, so warming them up will help increase circulation.

I just bought a pair of custom orthotics why do I need to exercise my foot muscles?

Orthotics help to improve bone alignment and biomechanics and can provide protection and comfort, however they do not address the underlying cause. Improving your foot muscles with Foot Trainer exercises addresses the cause and will compliment your orthotics and help prevent re-injury.

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