Mike Wilmot, President ~ foottrainer.com

 ~ Natural Health Practitioner ~

~ Certified Massage Therapist ~

~ Reflexologist ~

~ & Applied Kinesiologist ~ 

"I have worked on and tested muscle strength on thousands of feet and have found 99 % of people with foot and leg pain have weak extensor muscles and short tight flexor muscles.  I developed the Foot Trainer and exercises because I had chronic plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, a chronic ankle injury and hip pain that did not respond to the traditional treatment."  

"I believe many of the traditional foot and leg rehabilitation exercises are ineffective because they are typically physiologically incorrect, incomplete, and often inappropriate for the stage of injury."   

The Foot Trainer and Foot Massage Tools along with specific exercises as described and displayed on this website were developed by Mike Wilmot. 

About Us

Our Foot Trainer and Massage tools allows you to perform a Rehab Routine Exercise Regiment that addresses the root cause of foot and leg pain, by correctly strengthening and relaxing all of the foot and leg muscles. 

Through proper use of our products, and one-on-one consultations, we feel better when you feel better. 

The Original Foot Trainer & Massage Tool

Welcome to Foot Trainer

Our mission is to help you end the foot and leg pain, and prevent re-injury of plantar fasciitis. 

To accomplish this, we offer practical rehabilitation information, unique products and effective exercise, with the added bonus of one-on-one consultation.

We hope you find our site informative, and helpful, and we look forward to assisting you with the relief you deserve. 


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You have our 30-Day 


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Product Guarantee

If your foot or leg pain has not ended after 30 days, or if you are not totally satisfied with our products, simply return the product(s) to us, and we will refund the full purchase amount. 

The information presented in this site is for informational and educational purposes.  You should always consult your healthcare professional before starting any exercise or rehabilitation program.